Unlock the Full Potential of ALL Your Digital Assets

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Unlock the Full Potential of ALL Your Digital Assets

Data Integration & Ingestion 

Integrate Data from Anywhere

The OWL Intelligence Platform is made to make disparate data accessible, making it easy for users to get insights and drive analytics for actionable intelligence.


Data Agnostic Integration: Streamlining Workflows and Improving Data Interoperability Across Systems

Whether your organization needs to build a database from a server full of static files and documents, or you need to integrate existing on-premises, proprietary, external, or legacy data the OWL Intelligence Platform can easily combine and extend every system.

Streamline Data Unification

OWL’s Global and Custom Attributes modules let users simply add hundreds of predefined data fields or custom attributes. Users can manually add these features to OWL modules to enrich and add data from any data source.

Create Comprehensive Dossiers

OWL’s case management enables you to create a comprehensive dossier for each case, whether it involves an investigation that has to be done, a service request that needs to be completed, or an incident or problem that needs to be fixed.

Bring Your Own Nomenclature

OWL does not constrict users or teams to a predetermined naming convention; whether you want to customize the titles of the user roles or the hierarchy of a team or department, OWL gives you complete freedom to do so.

Data Writeback

Send OWL data back to your internal technology systems using manual and automated options. When connected to OWL’s bidirectional architecture, any information processed in OWL can be imported into your internal systems if required.

PreBuilt Cloud Connectors

OWL Intelligence offers pre-built cloud connectors that streamline managing and maintaining connections to your most important cloud data sources. Our ever-expanding marketplace of pre-built connections eliminates the need for your teams to worry about connection management, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Organization Databases, Proprietary Systems & Federated Data

With OWL, you can connect and query all of your organization’s databases, proprietary systems, and federated data, no matter where they are located. Our expert OWLtech Team can build a customized API that provides seamless access to all your internal data, even if it is spread across multiple departments or locations. Choose OWL Intelligence for simplified, unified data access and analysis.

Manual Upload/Import

With OWL Intelligence’s document management system, you can easily import any type of file, including documents, images, audio and video files, flat files, spreadsheets, workbooks, and emails. Our platform simplifies the process of manual upload and import, making it easy for you to centralize and manage all your data assets.

Internet of Things (IoT)

At OWL Intelligence, we make it easy to connect to any IoT-producing device on your network, including traffic cameras and utility systems. Our platform allows you to act on the data produced by these devices, and send messages back to them with write-back capabilities. Choose OWL Intelligence for streamlined IoT data integration and actionable insights.

Real-Time Stream

OWL Intelligence’s data-agnostic platform allows agencies and users to ingest real-time data, such as video, audio, and logs, from a wide range of sources, including applications, website clickstreams, and IoT devices. With OWLstream, you can process and analyze data in real-time, enabling immediate action and faster decision-making.

OWL Intelligence Platform Meets Top Security Standards


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