About Us

We are obsessed with helping organizations get the correct answers they need out of data quickly.


Our Mission

We work hard to build secure cloud based technology that is used by law enforcement,government agencies and private sector clients to analyze enormous amounts of data in real-time when finding that needle in the haystack has to happen “right now”.

When Richard and Ron sat down and discussed all the pain points organizations and specifically users have in working with data, they took their years of experience building technology startups, working with cutting edge technologies, data and most importantly listening to all the stakeholders from the users to all the individuals analyzing the information and turning the actionable intelligence into reality.


Our Values

At our core are the values we all had before joining together to create the OWL Intelligence Platform. We never lose sight of how our technology and the data it analyzes protects law enforcement out in the field, helps and protects our citizens,and puts the bad guys away. It helps businesses reduce fraud, risk and a host of other use cases which reduces a business’s cost, because we all know when business costs go up those increases are passed on to the consumer, OWL helps reduce those increases.