Data Visualization Predictive Analytics & Augmented Analytics

Web Visualization Modules

OWL technology provides 12 web-based visualization tools and mobile phone access each providing users with the most robust analytical tools available today.

Master Dashboard

Simultaneously work with your data on one monitor or multiple monitors using different views for faster analysis


Data Visualization

The full power of data visualization and analysis is put in the hands of the user to interactively work with data in real-time. Whether it is displaying all the data of their investigation and eliminating information, or using a data attribute as a starting point and keep building upon that data point, users have total control. The ultimate solution of building networks and relationships to any dataset.


Timeline View

Data is displayed by a specific date or range of dates, if available, with the source data and/or data attribute. Users can select data ranges and see relationships of data by date and their points of intersection.

Geospatial Views

Building on the power and ability to interact with the data in real-time, the Geospatial Views allow the visualization of information in various views as shown below. Locations can be identified by address or Latitude and Longitude. Real-time data from sources such as GPS location of individuals in the field, real-time crime maps, traffic, flight, maritime, weather and traffic accidents can be layered on top of the users data for a truly real-time interactive experience.


Satellite View

For increased situational awareness the map satellite view displays all data with an address or latitude and longitude. With this as a starting point all other data can be linked and matched based on the users requirements.


Map View

Map view provides a clean visual for those who do not need the details of the Satellite view.


Street View

Street View link emailed or texted to individuals in the field will give them a visual of a location they need to go to.



Build a geofence in the map view in any area or any shape needed. OWL will convert all buildings into searchable queries returning information available in all datasets queried by an address or a latitude and longitude.


Heat View

Magnitude of information represented 2D via color coding provides the user the magnitude of the results in a spatial view.


Tabular Report View

The Tabular Report View has the capabilities to link, match and score data; filter results, continuing retrieving information in stored data or from outside sources returning all the information into a comprehensive dossier.


Histogram View

For those times when a statistical view is needed to display how certain values were measured and at what frequency the Histogram view is available.


Source Data View

Source view displays the data as stored in the database for user driven analytics.


Card View

The Card View provides a summary view on the subject with the ability to see the comprehensive dossier on the subject.


Relationship Matrix View

A clear and concise matrix indicating the relationship between all data results with common attributes and sources.


Text Messaging Visualization Module

With no need for internet access the OWL Text Messaging Visualization Module technology incorporating the OWL Parsing Logic Algorithm and the OWL Data Source / Data Attribute Selector Algorithm allows for the querying of all data housed or accessed through OWL to be delivered in real-time in the field anywhere in the world.

  • OWL Parsing Logic Algorithm
  • OWL Data source / Data Attribute Selector Algorithm