Defense Department Competency

The OWL Intelligence Platform offers a robust technology suite of modules to meet defense needs.


DoD Multi-Domain Operations (MDO)

To run MDO, the various branches of the military and allied partners must be able to collect data from sensors, platforms, soldiers, and even weapons. To use data analytics in the military, the data is fused into actionable intelligence in real-time and that information is delivered up and down the chain of command and across services to the right decision-maker. As MDP provides options for executing simultaneous and sequential operations, data analytics helps to gain control over the operational environment.

As a component of the integration of advanced technologies, the OWL Platform provides the real-time aggregation of relevant data, using defense analytics. This data is termed as actionable intelligence military data and is disseminated to any required level of command on the appropriate device.


SOCOM Advanced Data Management and Advanced Situational Awareness

SOF requires technologies that provide automatic data analytics, synchronization, fusion, mining, indexing, and dissemination of data collected by and to widely dispersed SOF resources. SOF requires capabilities that fuse and correlate battlefield information, using advanced military analytics, from a variety of sources and display it in an accurate and shared common operational picture. This includes a fusion of full-motion video with other sources of information, visually displayed in near real-time to significantly improve the opportunities for knowledge management and discovery during operations.


Disaster Relief Missions

With defense analytics, there is real-time access to data on the location and quantity of disaster relief supplies ready for air transport. Military analytics software supports the planning and consolidation of emergency supplies from disparate organizations to disaster areas.

API access to inventories and status of emergency supplies from all available sources allows optimization of load and deployment plans.

Location, readiness, and availability of air transport assets from AF and ANG data sets support disaster relief planning and execution using data analytics.


Maintenance Spare and Repair Part Availability to Improve Readiness – DoD and Private Sector

With the use of data analytics in the military, the identification of current availability and location of inventory of specific spare and repair parts from multiple DoD and commercial data sets is done in real-time. The defense analytics optimizes repair and return to service of down aircraft and weapons systems.


OWL has been awarded a Phase 1 SBIR from AFRL and AFWERX Contract# FA864919PA306

AFRL and AFWERX have partnered to streamline the Small Business Innovation Research process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead. Beginning in SBIR 18.2, and now in 19.2, the Air Force has begun offering ‘Special’ SBIR topics that are faster, leaner, and open to a broader range of innovations.