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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Real-Time Crime Center with the OWL Intelligence Platform

by Zach Artz | Articles, Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly adopting technology-driven policing to combat crime effectively. Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCCs) are crucial in managing and leveraging these technologies. To ensure your RTCC is well-prepared to handle the growing use of technology-driven policing, it’s essential to focus on the three fundamentals: safety, identification, and apprehension. In this blog post, we will explore how the OWL Intelligence Platform can enhance these core pillars of real-time analysis in your RTCC, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness of your operations.

Ensuring Officer and Citizen Safety

The safety of officers and citizens is paramount in any law enforcement operation. With the OWL Intelligence Platform, real-time crime centers (RTCCs) can significantly enhance officer safety and situational awareness, ensuring a coordinated and swift response to critical incidents. By leveraging the platform’s advanced features, proactive RTCCs can gather crucial information, monitor incidents in real-time, and facilitate seamless communication with officers on the ground.

  • Research and information dissemination: The OWL Intelligence Platform empowers proactive RTCCs to conduct in-depth research on individuals involved in calls for service, providing officers with vital information that enhances their situational awareness and overall safety.
  • Real-time situational awareness: Integrating remote live-viewing cameras and drones with the OWL Intelligence Platform enables RTCCs to monitor incidents in real-time. This immediate access to visual insights allows responding officers to make informed decisions, ensuring their safety during operations.
  • Coordinated response: With the OWL Intelligence Platform, RTCCs can seamlessly communicate and coordinate with officers on the ground. This enables a swift and effective response to critical incidents, as information flows seamlessly between the RTCC and officers, optimizing safety measures for all involved parties.

Facilitating Identification of Criminal Suspects:

Identifying criminal suspects swiftly and accurately is critical for real-time crime centers (RTCCs). The OWL Intelligence Platform empowers RTCCs to gather, integrate, and analyze data from various sources, enabling the real-time identification of suspects. By leveraging the platform’s advanced capabilities, RTCC personnel can proactively track suspects, direct officers to potential locations, and facilitate seamless information sharing among law enforcement personnel, enhancing the effectiveness of investigations and apprehension efforts.

  • Data integration and analysis: The OWL Intelligence Platform allows RTCCs to gather and analyze data from diverse sources, including area cameras and ALPR cameras. This integration of data provides valuable insights that aid in the real-time identification of criminal suspects, enhancing the efficiency of investigations.
  • Proactive investigation: With the OWL Intelligence Platform, RTCC personnel can actively track suspect vehicles, directing officers to potential locations where suspects may be apprehended. The platform’s capabilities enable the collection of valuable evidence, increasing the likelihood of successful investigations and apprehensions.
  • Collaborative intelligence: The OWL Intelligence Platform facilitates seamless information sharing among officers, detectives, and investigators involved in suspect identification and apprehension. The platform’s collaborative features enable a smooth flow of data and insights, enhancing collective intelligence and improving the accuracy and speed of suspect identification efforts.

Enabling Proactive Apprehension Efforts:

Effective real-time crime centers (RTCCs) focus on proactive apprehension efforts to mitigate criminal activities. The OWL Intelligence Platform empowers RTCCs with advanced tools and capabilities that enable proactive surveillance, targeted operations, and the early detection of potential escalations. By leveraging the platform’s features, RTCCs can effectively monitor high-crime locations, target individuals involved in criminal activities, and intervene to prevent the escalation of potentially violent incidents.

  • Remote monitoring: The OWL Intelligence Platform facilitates the remote monitoring of high-crime locations through remotely viewed cameras. RTCCs can proactively surveil these areas, allowing for the immediate response of uniformed officers when criminal offenses are spotted. This proactive approach enables swift action to apprehend offenders and deter potential crimes.
  • Targeted operations: With the OWL Intelligence Platform, RTCCs can identify individuals involved in criminal activities and implement targeted operations. By focusing resources on specific offenders or high-risk areas, RTCCs can proactively deter offenses and contribute to crime reduction in their jurisdictions. The platform’s capabilities enhance the effectiveness of these operations, optimizing apprehension efforts.
  • Mitigating escalation: The OWL Intelligence Platform aids in detecting gatherings or events that can potentially escalate into violent crimes. By monitoring and analyzing relevant data, RTCCs can identify signs of escalation and intervene before incidents occur. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential violence, ensuring the safety of the community and enabling law enforcement to take appropriate preventive measures.

As law enforcement agencies embrace technology-driven policing and establish real-time crime centers, focusing on the core pillars of safety, identification, and apprehension is crucial. The OWL Intelligence Platform empowers RTCCs by providing advanced data integration, analytics, and collaboration tools. By leveraging the capabilities of the OWL Intelligence Platform, your RTCC can enhance officer and citizen safety, improve suspect identification, and facilitate proactive apprehension efforts. Embrace the foundations of an effective RTCC, combined with the power of the OWL Intelligence Platform, to transition seamlessly into the realm of technology-driven policing and maximize the effectiveness of your operations.

Senior Vice President - Enterprise Solutions at OWL Intelligence Platform, a Division of Whooster Inc

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