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OWL for City, State, County and Other Government Agencies

Unlock Efficiency and Insight: OWL Intelligence Platform Empowers Government Agencies Across the Board

We empower government agencies to improve public health, detect fraud, and enhance urban planning by integrating data, utilizing analytics and collaboration tools, and optimizing resources. By streamlining operations and making data-driven decisions, we create a better future.


Transforming Government Operations through Advanced Analytics and Collaboration

Regulatory Compliance and Fraud Detection

City Planning and Infrastructure

Streamline Health and Human Services

Assist Public Health Agencies

Regulatory Compliance and Fraud Detection

The OWL Intelligence Platform helps government agencies monitor compliance and detect fraud by integrating data from various sources. Advanced Data Fusion capabilities enable comprehensive analysis and identification of gaps or suspicious activities, while augmented analytics and visualization tools aid in identifying patterns and taking appropriate actions to enforce regulations and ensure transparency.


Automation of Compliance Checks

OWL’s algorithms automate the process of compliance checks by efficiently linking files and identifying relevant data sources. This automation streamlines the identification of non-compliant practices, reduces manual effort, and increases accuracy in detecting potential compliance violations.


Visualization for Enhanced Insights

OWL’s visualization tools simplify compliance insights, trends, and patterns through interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs. This facilitates prompt decision-making and effective communication amongst stakeholders.


Risk Assessment and Monitoring

OWL facilitates risk assessment and ongoing compliance monitoring by providing real-time alerts and notifications based on predefined compliance rules. It enables organizations to proactively identify potential compliance breaches or fraudulent activities, helping prevent and mitigate risks before they escalate.

City Planning and Infrastructure Management

The OWL Intelligence Platform can assist city governments in effectively managing city planning and infrastructure projects. By integrating data from various sources such as traffic patterns, demographic information, and environmental data, OWL’s Advanced Data Fusion capabilities can provide a holistic view of the city’s needs. Visualization tools enable city officials to analyze and visualize data to identify areas for improvement, optimize transportation routes, plan for future growth, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall city planning and infrastructure management.


Predictive Analytics for Planning

OWL leverages predictive analytics to forecast future scenarios and support proactive planning. By analyzing historical data and trends, OWL can assist in predicting population growth, traffic patterns, and infrastructure demands. This enables city governments to plan infrastructure projects, allocate resources efficiently, and develop sustainable and resilient urban environments.


Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement

OWL’s platform supports collaboration and engagement among various city planning and infrastructure management stakeholders. It provides a centralized platform for data sharing, collaboration, and communication, enabling efficient coordination between city departments, urban planners, and community stakeholders.


Visualization and Spatial Analysis

OWL provides city governments with advanced visualization tools and spatial analysis capabilities for easy data visualization through interactive maps, charts, and graphs. This helps officials better understand spatial relationships, identify patterns, and communicate insights to stakeholders. OWL’s tools enable informed decision-making, aiding in selecting suitable locations for infrastructure projects and improving service delivery.

Streamline Health & Human Services

OWL helps health and human services departments by facilitating data integration and analysis, improving case management and service coordination, providing data-driven insights for public health, assisting in fraud detection and prevention, and enabling resource optimization and planning. These capabilities help agencies enhance service delivery, improve outcomes, and make data-informed decisions in the healthcare and social service domains.


Case Management and Service Coordination

OWL’s case management simplifies Health & Human Services’ case management process. It offers a centralized platform for tracking client info, service history, and docs. With customizable folders, notes, and audit logs, it ensures accurate documentation while promoting effective collaboration and services. It’s a must-have tool for optimizing case management practices.


Data-driven Insights for Public Health

OWL’s Advanced Data Fusion and Analytics can help Health and Human Service departments analyze public health data by integrating data from various sources. This allows for identifying patterns, trends, and potential health hazards to make well-informed decisions and improve public health outcomes.


Fraud Detection and Prevention

OWL system uses advanced algorithms to detect and prevent fraud in Health and Human Service departments by analyzing data from multiple sources to identify fraud patterns and potential abuse. This helps agencies reduce improper payments and uphold program integrity to safeguard their resources effectively.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

OWL can assist public health agencies in disease surveillance, outbreak detection, and resource allocation. By integrating data from healthcare systems, electronic health records, disease registries, and public health databases, OWL identifies disease patterns, tracks the spread of illnesses, and helps allocate resources effectively for public health interventions.


Disease Surveillance and Monitoring

OWL’s data integration allows public health agencies to analyze data from multiple sources for disease surveillance, early outbreak detection, and identifying high-risk areas. Its advanced analytics and pattern recognition help track and forecast disease spread for timely interventions.


Resource Allocation and Planning

OWL’s platform helps public health agencies optimize resource allocation by analyzing population demographics, healthcare infrastructure, and disease prevalence data. This enables targeted interventions and efficient planning of healthcare facilities, vaccination campaigns, and public health programs.


Collaboration and Information Sharing

OWL’s collaboration tools improve communication and streamline information sharing among public health agencies, healthcare providers, and stakeholders. With a secure platform, users can access and share data, research, and best practices, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Visualization tools simplify insights and promote stakeholder engagement, leading to successful teamwork and outcomes.

Putting Your Data To Work

Discover the transformative power of data experiences, fueling enhanced and expedited decision-making throughout all teams and functions.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Data dashboards that tell a story enable effective communication, greater control over data display, and support data-driven decision-making.

Flexible Control with OWLadmin

OWLadmin module empowers administrators with full control, allowing them to create customized roles, departments, and teams that align perfectly with their agency or organization.

Data Agnostic Integrations

Easily unify and extend all your systems, whether it's building a database from static files or integrating diverse data sources. OWL Intelligence Platform simplifies the process, enabling seamless connectivity.

Advanced Data Processing

The OWL Intelligence Platform’s AI and machine learning algorithms automate data processing and extraction, providing users with powerful tools for organizing and classifying data.

OWL Intelligence Platform Meets Top Security Standards


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