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Geospatial Data Visualizations

OWL’s geospatial data visualization provides a location-based perspective, revealing patterns and relationships for deeper insights.


Gain Deeper Insights with Geospatial Data Visualizations

Data dashboards that tell a story enable effective communication, greater control over data display, and support data-driven decision-making. By using visualizations to guide users through a narrative that is supported by data, these dashboards make it easier to communicate insights, explore related information, and make informed decisions based on data. Incorporating data dashboards into your organization’s data strategy can enhance data analysis and reporting, driving informed decision-making and better business outcomes.

Location-Based Insights

Gain location-based insights into your data and make more informed decisions with OWL’s geospatial data visualizations.

Spot Trends and Patterns

Reveal patterns and trends hidden in traditional charts or graphs, unlocking deeper insights for informed supply chain logistics decisions.

Spatial Context for Data

Get a spatial context for your data and unlock deeper insights with OWL’s geospatial data visualization, providing a unique perspective for your data analysis.

Explore Your Data in Realistic Context

Map and Satellite Geospatial Views

Street and satellite geospatial views provide a unique and comprehensive way to visualize data by providing a more realistic and contextualized representation of geographic data. With this view, you can zoom in and out of specific locations and get a better understanding of the physical environment and its relationship to the data points. It can be especially useful in fields such as urban planning, environmental management, and disaster response, where real-time data and geospatial visualization can be critical for making timely and informed decisions.

Experience a virtual representation of your location query

Street View is a powerful geospatial data visualization tool allowing users to explore a location from the street level virtually. By stitching together panoramic images, Street View provides a realistic and immersive representation of a location, offering a unique perspective for data analysis. Street View can be particularly useful in real estate, tourism, and urban planning. A detailed understanding of a location’s physical environment is crucial for making informed decisions.

Geofence your Data Query

With OWL's geospatial visualizations, you can utilize the Geofencing data query capability to draw a virtual perimeter around a specific location, limiting the data returned to that area. This feature is useful in many industries, such as logistics and transportation, where precise location-based data can provide valuable insights.

Heat View Geospatial Data Visualization

Heat view data visualizations use color-coding to represent the intensity of data points within a given area. This provides a unique and powerful way to visualize data patterns and relationships, especially in large datasets. Heat view allows for quick identification of hotspots, trends, and patterns that may be missed in traditional data visualizations, allowing analysts to make informed decisions and identify potential opportunities for further analysis or investigation. OWL's geospatial data visualization capabilities include heat view, providing a valuable tool for businesses, governments, and researchers seeking deeper insights from their data.


Explore Your Data Distribution with OWL's Histogram View

One of the main benefits of using OWL's histogram view is that it enables analysts to quickly identify and understand the underlying data distribution. By visualizing the data distribution, analysts can determine whether the data is skewed, symmetric, or has multiple peaks. OWL's histogram view can help analysts make more informed decisions about analyzing and interpreting the data.

In addition, OWL's histogram view is useful for identifying data errors such as missing values, data entry errors, and outliers. By visualizing the data in OWL's histogram view, analysts can quickly identify these errors and take steps to correct them, ensuring that their analysis is based on accurate and reliable data.

Unlock Deeper Insights with Histogram Data Visualization

Histograms provide a comprehensive way to visualize data distribution and identify errors, allowing analysts to make informed decisions and ensure accuracy in their analysis. Analysts can quickly identify whether the data is skewed, symmetric, or has multiple peaks using histograms. Moreover, it enables them to recognize data errors, such as missing values, data entry errors, and outliers, and take necessary steps to correct them, ensuring reliable and accurate data analysis.

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