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Relationship Identification & Data Linking In Nanoseconds

Advanced Data Processing: ETL  with AI & ML

OWL Intelligence automates data processing, extraction, and analysis with AI and machine learning for efficient decision-making in businesses.


Efficient Decision Making with AI & ML

The OWL Intelligence Platform uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to automate data processing and extraction, providing features such as speech-to-text conversion, text translation, natural language processing, fraud and anomaly detection, document extraction, and facial and image recognition. These features enable users to analyze and access data more efficiently, allowing for informed decision-making.

Streamlined Data Processing

The OWL Intelligence Platform’s AI and machine learning algorithms automate data processing and extraction, providing users with powerful tools for organizing and classifying data.

Efficient Data Analysis

Features such as speech-to-text conversion, text translation, natural language processing, and facial and image recognition help users analyze and access data more efficiently, leading to more informed decision-making.

Customizable & Smart

OWLtranslate’s adaptable translation and OWLdetect’s fraud detection model allow users to modify these features to their specific needs, improving the accuracy and relevance of the insights generated from their data.

Automated Data Linking with OWLgorithms.

OWL’s advanced algorithms, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, are designed to automate the data processing and extraction tasks, freeing users from the manual burden of linking and identifying relationships between files and data sources. This allows users to focus on higher-level tasks and decision-making while the platform’s ETL capabilities efficiently handle the heavy lifting of organizing and classifying data.

Real-Time Intelligence

The Real-Time Intelligence OWLgorithm instantly accesses linked and scored data records and attributes. This algorithm provides users with real-time, reliable information. Data insights enable quick decision-making.

Merge and Pair

The Merge and Pair OWLgorithm merges many query results into one. This algorithm can aggregate data from numerous sources for a complete view and better decision-making. Users can find hidden linkages by merging and pairing data.

Parsing Logic

The Parsing Logic OWLgorithm links different data sources and evaluates query variables/terms for reliable results. This program automatically parses and organizes data to assist users in quickly discovering the necessary information.

Multi-Attribute Query

The Multi-Attribute Query OWLgorithm lets users search structured and unstructured OWLdocs and OWLvault data for specific or combinations of keywords. This technique helps people quickly find information in vast data sets.

Data Point Prevalence

The Data Point Prevalence Algorithm helps users compare data point prevalence across views. This method finds patterns and relationships by examining data point frequency across multiple datasets. This data improves data analysis and decision-making.



Natural Language Processing




Text Translation


Fraud & Anomaly Detection


Document Extraction


Facial & Image Recognition

Discover Insights from Text with OWLdiscover’s Advanced NLP Service

OWLdiscover is a powerful natural language processing (NLP) service powered by machine learning that enables users to extract insights from large volumes of text data. With Custom Entity Recognition, Custom Classification, Key Phrase Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, and Entity Recognition features, OWLdiscover makes it easy for users to understand their data and make informed decisions. Whether looking to improve customer experience, identify market trends, or detect fraud, OWLdiscover has the tools you need to succeed.


Discover Hidden Knowledge

Utilize OWLdiscover’s Custom Entity Recognition, Key Phrase Extraction, and Sentiment Analysis to find pertinent patterns and insights in your text data.


Increase Effectiveness

The automated data analysis method provided by OWLdiscover’s natural language processing (NLP) service saves time and resources.


Adaptable Classification

Customize the Custom Classification tool to your requirements for more precise and pertinent insights.

Automatic Speech Recognition for Efficient Transcription

OWLspeech is a state-of-the-art speech-to-text module that can accurately transcribe speech and determine the dominant language in an audio file. With customizable accuracy and privacy filters, it produces clear transcripts while safeguarding user privacy.


Clear And Accurate Transcripts

OWLspeech creates both clear and accurate transcripts, making it easy to access and analyze audio content.


Customizable Accuracy

Users can tailor the accuracy of the transcription to meet their specific needs, ensuring that the output is as precise as possible.


Custom Vocabulary

Users can tailor the accuracy of the transcription to meet their specific needs, ensuring that the output is as precise as possible.

Customizable Text Translation with OWLtranslate

OWLtranslate is a cutting-edge text translation module that utilizes advanced machine learning technology to provide customizable and high-quality translation services. Our platform translates between languages and allows users to define custom terminology for unique industry-specific phrases and terms.

Customizable Terminology

Users can define custom terminology to ensure accurate translation of unique terms, titles, or phrases specific to their industry or organization.


Fast Translation

OWLtranslate provides on-demand translation that is fast and efficient, saving users valuable time.


Easy Integration

OWLtranslate is easy to integrate into existing workflows, making it a convenient tool for organizations that need to translate text regularly.

Historical Data Analysis and Customized Anomoly Detection Model Building

With the help of the cutting-edge machine learning application OWLdetect, customers can create a unique fraud detection model using their historical data. OWLdetect’s predictions and bespoke rules let customers detect fraud immediately. Its accurate and reliable insights are essential for every firm striving to protect its assets and improve its decision-making.


Historical Data Analysis

OWLdetect analyzes your historical data to construct an accurate fraud detection model, enabling users to detect fraud immediately.


Customized Model Building

Users can create a tailor-made fraud detection model by integrating custom rules to improve accuracy and relevance.


Improved Accuracy

OWLdetect utilizes powerful machine learning algorithms to continuously enhance the accuracy of its fraud detection model.

Effortlessly extract and analyze data from documents with OWLxtract’s AI-powered tools.

OWLxtract is a powerful tool that leverages advanced OCR and ML algorithms to extract and identify data from various documents, including forms, tables, and IDs. With its powerful data extraction and identification capabilities, OWLxtract can streamline document processing and improve data accuracy, enabling users to make faster and more informed decisions.


Efficient Document Processing

OWLxtract allows users to extract text and handwriting from documents quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for manual data entry and improving document processing efficiency.


Accurate Data Extraction

With its advanced OCR and ML algorithms, OWLxtract can extract structured and unstructured data from documents, including key-value pairs, tables, and identity documents, with high accuracy.


Accurate Data Extraction

OWLxtract’s extracted data can be linked to other data attributes or metadata, allowing users to search, compare, and match the data to gain insights and make informed decisions.

Effortlessly Build a Searchable Image Database with OWLidentify’s Image Recognition and Label Detection Features

OWLidentify uses machine learning techniques to analyze millions of photos and videos saved or streamed in seconds. Users can recognize, evaluate, and compare faces with accurate facial analysis and search. Label detection and image/video characteristics can also provide metadata for image libraries for search, filtering, and image quality.


Fast and Accurate Image Recognition

OWLidentify leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize and analyze millions of images or videos in real-time, providing users with accurate and fast image recognition capabilities.


Precise Facial Analysis and Search

With its highly accurate facial analysis and search capabilities, OWLidentify enables users to fully recognize, analyze, and compare faces, making it an ideal platform for facial recognition and biometric applications.


Automated Metadata Creation

With its advanced image and video analysis capabilities, OWLidentify can determine the quality of images and videos, providing users with insights into image and video quality, such as resolution, sharpness, and color accuracy.

OWL Intelligence Platform Meets Top Security Standards


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