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OWL for Department of Defense

Empowering Operational Readiness, Collaboration, and Efficient Disaster Response

Choose OWL Intelligence for enhanced operational readiness, collaboration, data management, and efficient disaster response in diverse domains and mission scenarios.


Enhanced Data Management and Resilient Readiness: OWL Intelligence in Diverse Domains and Mission Scenarios

Multi-Domain Operations (MDO)

SOCOM Advanced Data Management

DoD Disaster Relief Missions

Maintenance, Spare, and Repair Part Availability

DoD Multi-Domain Operations

OWL Intelligence supports DoD Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). Commanders have real-time situational awareness over land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace thanks to its data integration and analysis. OWL detects and analyzes threats, supports decision-making, increases cross-domain collaboration, provides predictive analytics, enhances cybersecurity, and boosts operational resilience. OWL facilitates MDO data analysis, decision-making, and coordination.


Data & Digital Asset Integration

OWL processes data from sensors, satellites, social media, and other intelligence systems. It can analyze massive data sets to create an accurate operational environment image.


Threat Detection and Analysis

OWL utilizes machine learning and AI to detect patterns, anomalies, and aggressive activities, providing early warnings and proactive responses to threats.


Decision Support

OWL offers intelligent insights and suggestions based on complicated and diverse facts. It can help Command staff evaluate options, analyze risks, and optimize resource allocation.


Cross-Domain Collaboration

OWL promotes MDO-related information sharing and collaboration between military units, agencies, and allies. Secure communication, data sharing, and collaboration tools improve coordination and interoperability.

SOCOM Advanced Data Management

The OWL Intelligence platform is a powerful solution that supports SOCOM (Special Operations Command) Advanced Data Management. With its advanced data integration, analysis, and collaboration capabilities, OWL enables SOCOM personnel to harness the full potential of their data. From enhancing situational awareness to facilitating seamless information sharing, OWL empowers decision-makers and operators to make informed choices in real-time.


Real-Time Situational Awareness

OWL’s real-time monitoring and visualization capabilities provide unparalleled situational awareness. Keep track of the dynamic operational environment, enabling quick response and proactive decision-making.


Collaboration and Information Sharing

OWL helps SOCOM units and partner organizations collaborate and share information by providing secure communication, data exchange, and collaborative tools to improve coordination and interoperability.


Data Management for Rapid Retrieval

Data management is made simple with OWL’s robust capabilities. Store, retrieve, and query vast amounts of data efficiently, enabling quick access to mission-critical information. OWL’s metadata and tagging mechanisms enhance organization and discoverability, allowing for streamlined data retrieval based on specific criteria or keywords.

DoD Disaster Relief Missions

The OWL Intelligence Platform is crucial in supporting the DoD in disaster relief missions. It enables data integration and analysis, enhances situational awareness, optimizes resource allocation, provides decision support, facilitates communication and coordination, and utilizes predictive analytics. These capabilities result in more effective and efficient disaster response, saving lives and reducing the impact of natural or man-made disasters.


Resource Allocation

OWL can assist in optimizing resource allocation during disaster relief operations. By analyzing data on available resources, including personnel, equipment, and supplies, OWL can provide insights and recommendations on the most efficient and effective distribution of resources. This helps ensure that resources are allocated where they are most needed, maximizing the impact of the relief efforts.


Communication and Coordination

OWL facilitates communication and coordination among different teams, agencies, and organizations involved in disaster relief missions. It offers secure communication channels, data-sharing capabilities, and collaborative tools that enhance information sharing, coordination, and interoperability. This improves the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the relief operations.


Predictive Analytics

OWL can leverage historical data, weather forecasts, and simulation models to provide predictive analytics for disaster relief missions. By anticipating potential scenarios, trends, and challenges, OWL can help in pre-planning efforts and resource readiness, enabling proactive measures and timely response.

Maintenance, Spare, and Repair Part (MSRP) availability

OWL Intelligence platform aids in improving Maintenance, Spare, and Repair Part availability to enhance readiness in both the DoD and private sector. By leveraging data-driven insights, predictive maintenance capabilities, supply chain optimization, real-time monitoring, collaboration, and cost management, OWL optimizes MSRP availability, reduces downtime, and ensures equipment readiness.


Data-driven Inventory Management

OWL leverages data integration and analysis capabilities to optimize inventory management. OWL can provide insights into MSRP demand, lead times, and criticality by analyzing historical usage patterns, maintenance records, and supply chain data. This helps ensure the right parts are stocked appropriately, reducing inventory costs, and minimizing downtime.


Predictive Maintenance

OWL utilizes predictive analytics to anticipate equipment failures and maintenance needs. OWL can provide early warning indicators and maintenance recommendations by analyzing sensor data, maintenance logs, and historical patterns. This enables proactive maintenance actions, reducing unexpected breakdowns and improving equipment availability.


Supply Chain Optimization

OWL enhances supply chain visibility and efficiency. It analyzes supply chain data, including supplier performance, transportation logistics, and lead times, to identify bottlenecks and optimize the procurement process. This improves the availability of MSRP and reduces the time required for repair or replacement.

OWL Receives Phase 1 SBIR Award from AFRL and AFWERX Contract# FA864919PA306

OWL has proudly received a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and AFWERX under Contract# FA864919PA306. This collaboration between AFRL and AFWERX aims to streamline the SBIR process, making it faster and more accessible to a wider range of innovative applicants. From SBIR 18.2 to 19.2, the Air Force has introduced “Special” SBIR topics prioritizing efficiency, agility, and inclusivity in fostering groundbreaking innovations.

Putting Your Data To Work

Discover the transformative power of data experiences, fueling enhanced and expedited decision-making throughout all teams and functions.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Data dashboards that tell a story enable effective communication, greater control over data display, and support data-driven decision-making.

Flexible Control with OWLadmin

OWLadmin module empowers administrators with full control, allowing them to create customized roles, departments, and teams that align perfectly with their agency or organization.

Data Agnostic Integrations

Easily unify and extend all your systems, whether it's building a database from static files or integrating diverse data sources. OWL Intelligence Platform simplifies the process, enabling seamless connectivity.

Advanced Data Processing

The OWL Intelligence Platform’s AI and machine learning algorithms automate data processing and extraction, providing users with powerful tools for organizing and classifying data.

OWL Intelligence Platform Meets Top Security Standards


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