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Unlock the Full Potential of ALL Your Digital Assets

Nearly Limitless Adminstrative Control

Data Governance & Access Rights

The OWL Intelligence Platform is made to make disparate data accessible, making it easy for users to get insights and drive analytics for actionable intelligence.


Tailor OWL to Your Organization’s Unique Needs with the Powerful OWLadmin Module

The OWLadmin module is a powerful tool that puts administrators in complete control. With this module, you can create roles, departments, and teams explicitly tailored to the unique needs of your agency or organization. You don’t have to conform to a one-size-fits-all software solution; you can customize OWL to fit your existing processes and workflows. This flexibility saves you time and money, as you don’t have to train your agency to use a new system or change how you work to fit the software. With OWLadmin, you can create a system that works best for you.

Organization Access Level

With OWL's Organization Access Level module, you can configure the login process based on user/team or role to ensure quick and secure access to your organization's resources. This module provides a range of authentication options, including facial recognition, user password, security question, IP authentication, and multi-factor authentication, giving you complete control over how users securely log in. By tailoring the login process to your organization's specific needs, you can enhance security and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.


User Access Management

Control users’ access to modules and visualization tools through customized configurations.


Workflow Management

Manage access requirements and workflows for better control and organization.


General User Information

View general user information or customize configurations for each user.


Datasets and Compliance

Control access to datasets and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.


Role Creation

Create custom roles using the same nomenclature as staff and grant them access based on license types, such as Full-Access, Read-Only Access, Supervisor, Administrator, or Collaborator-Only Access.


Datasets and Compliance

Control access to datasets and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.


Audit Log Viewing

View audit logs to keep track of user actions and detect potential security breaches.


Notification Management

Control notification settings for users based on their roles and responsibilities.


Custom Notifications and Templates

Create notifications or templates that suit your team’s needs. Build a set of case templates for white-collar crimes and another set for robberies to streamline your workflow and ensure consistency.


Security Policies

Customize security policies such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Security Questions, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Facial Recognition.

28 CFR Part 23 Compliance

Use OWL’s 28 CFR Part 23 CJIS module to track and manage cases and classify them based on source reliability, content validity, dissemination level, and criminal activity.

Retention Policies

Create and manage data and file retention policies, including legal-hold features, to comply with relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

Advanced Compliance and Security Features

OWL's advanced security features ensure that government agencies, law enforcement, supply chain/logistics, finance/insurance, and other industries comply with applicable regulations. With OWL's data access management, juvenile compliance, 28 CFR Part 23 compliance, retention policies, compliance management, and custom notifications and templates, users can manage access to data, track and manage cases, and comply with relevant regulations. OWL's secure access ensures that only authorized users can access classified data, making it a reliable and efficient tool for data management in various industries.

Data Access Management

Create a hierarchy of access levels to ensure users have the appropriate data access level based on their roles and responsibilities. Classify data according to its sensitivity level to limit access to only authorized users.

Juvenile Compliance

Archive or restrict access to juvenile information to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance Management

Manage access to data attributes based on compliance requirements for regulations such as CJIS, GDPR, GLBA, DPPA, HIPAA, and PCI.

OWL Intelligence Platform Meets Top Security Standards


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