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Unlock the Full Potential of ALL Your Digital Assets

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Records & Document Management

At its core, the OWL Intelligence Platform allows you to turn any document, of any type, into a searchable database.


Convert Documents to a Database

The OWL Intelligence Platform offers a unique and powerful solution for turning any document into a searchable database, regardless of its type. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, the platform can extract relevant data from any document, whether a PDF, Word document, image, audio, or video file. Using the platform’s powerful case management feature, this data can be organized, analyzed, and classified into cases or subjects.

Customizable Data Access

With OWLimport you can build your own databases of information extracted from any outside data source. Manually upload XLS, CSV or JSON format files and extract all records into a searchable customized database, whose access can be restricted to a user, a department team or accessible to the entire organization.

Versatile File Management

Any file —in any format — can be imported using OWLdocs, including documents, images, audio and video files, flat files, spreadsheets, workbooks, JSON, and emails. Before any data processing, also known as data loading, users can
upload and store all documents and file formats in OWLdocs.

Securely Store Encrypted Data

All imported documents are stored in OWLvault, as part of the post-data loading (data-processing) storage layer. The OWLvault functions as a hybrid data lake and data warehouse, with the data stored there, ready to be queried and linked.

OWLdiscover - Natural Language Processing

Discover insights from text with our natural language processing (NLP) service powered by machine learning. OWLdiscover provides Custom Entity Recognition, Custom Classification, Key Phrase Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Entity Recognition, and more.

OWLdetect - Fraud & Anomaly Detection

OWLdetect builds insights from your historical data to construct an accurate, customized fraud detection model allowing users to start detecting fraud immediately by enhancing models with custom rules and deploying results to generate critical predictions.

AI & ML Powered Data Processing

Extract, Transform, and Load

The OWL Intelligence Platform ensures that your data is not only imported and stored securely but also analyzed and made easily accessible through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With OWL's advanced technology, you can trust that your data is being processed efficiently and effectively, giving you valuable insights and enabling informed decision-making.

OWLspeech - Speech-To-Text

OWLspeech is an automatic speech recognition module that gives every file in OWLdocs the ability to convert speech to text. OWLspeech creates clear transcripts, customizes for accuracy, and filters information to protect user privacy. In addition, OWLspeech creates transcriptions and automatically determines the language that predominates in an audio recording.

OWLtranslate - Text Translation

OWLtranslate is a text translation module that uses advanced machine learning to provide high-quality, customizable translation on demand. OWLtranslate doesn’t only translate from one language to another. Still, users can also build custom terminology to define how terms, titles, or phrases unique to certain organizations, domains, and/or industries get translated.

OWLidentify - Facial and Image Recognition

OWLidentify automates image recognition and video analysis with machine learning by analyzing millions of images or videos, either streaming or stored within seconds. With its image recognition, users may fully recognize, analyze, and compare faces with its highly accurate facial analysis and search capabilities. Using label detection and image/video characteristics with OWLidentity also enables users to create metadata for image libraries for search and filtering and determine the image quality.

OWLxtract - Document Extraction

Scan documents and emails to text and handwriting from PDFs, images, tables, and forms directly into the OWLvault. Once extracted and tagged, the information can be searched and compared to query, link, and match other data attributes or metadata.

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