Unlock the Full Potential of ALL Your Digital Assets

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Unlock the Full Potential of ALL Your Digital Assets

Advanced Data Fusion, Visualization, Augmented and Predictive Analytical Technology

OWL’s resident AI technology provides a single platform to manage, execute and analyze all your digital assets

Connect and Monitor Anything and Everything:
Under a Single Pane of Glass

The OWL Intelligence Platform offers a comprehensive, yet modular, solution for managing and analyzing digital assets and databases with the help of AI and ML tools. By fusing data, it uncovers valuable insights that can enhance decision-making processes. The platform provides advanced features such as AI-powered apps, no-code queries, and automation algorithms that improve the efficiency and accuracy of the analysis. Furthermore, it provides functionalities to manage documents and records, along with case management and smart city capabilities.


Data Management

Data Analytics

Data Visualization

Powerful Integration for Augmented Data Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your data analytics with the OWL Intelligence Platform’s integrated solutions. Our platform combines a standardized framework with a diverse array of technologies to tackle complex data challenges. Seamlessly procure resources and leverage advanced applications, empowering you to extract valuable insights and drive meaningful outcomes.


Case & Subject Management

OWL’s Case & Subject Management module revolutionizes data organization. Effortlessly organize, analyze, and classify data into cases or subjects. Simplify workflows, collaborate effectively, and generate professional reports with ease.

Digital Asset Management

OWL’s Digital Asset Management module provides a centralized and searchable database for all your digital assets. Streamlines data management and analysis, making it an ideal solution for organizing and analyzing vast amounts of digital content.

Record & Document Management

OWL’s solution allows for efficient storage, retrieval, and management of records, ensuring compliance with retention policies and streamlining workflows. The system also provides customizable folders, annotation capabilities, and metadata for effective organization and analysis.

Seamless Data Management and Integration

OWL streamlines data integration from diverse sources, offering several flexible methods: pre-built cloud connectors, organization databases, proprietary systems and federated data, data writeback, IoT integration, manual upload/import, and real-time streaming. With OWL’s comprehensive approach, data from various sources seamlessly converge into a unified platform, empowering organizations with a holistic view of their data and unlocking valuable insights.


Data Integration From Any Source

OWL’s powerful data integration capabilities enable the unification of disparate data sources, creating a comprehensive and cohesive view of your information.

Data Federation & Writeback

OWL’s writeback feature allows you to update and write data back to the source systems, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. This enables real-time collaboration, data synchronization, and streamlined workflows across your organization.

Combine & Transform Datasets

With OWL, you can easily merge and consolidate data from various sources, enabling a comprehensive view of your information. Transform and manipulate datasets using OWL’s intuitive tools to derive meaningful insights.

Empowering Business Intelligence & Analytics

The OWL Intelligence Platform empowers customers to transform raw data into actionable business insights through advanced online analytic processing technologies. Leverage powerful reporting, dynamic dashboarding, and interactive data visualization tools to unlock the true value of your data. OWL’s comprehensive suite of business intelligence and analytics features equips you with the tools to make informed decisions, identify trends, and drive strategic initiatives.


No-Code Data Queries

Whether it’s geospatial searches, structured and unstructured keyword searches, batch queries, or video and picture queries, OWL’s no-code feature allows users to retrieve data from integrated sources with ease.

Data Governance & Access Rights

With OWL, you can define and enforce data governance policies, establishing clear guidelines for data usage, security, and compliance.

Algorithms & Machine Learning

OWL leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to automate tasks, optimize processes, and uncover hidden patterns in your data.

Data Visualizations & Dashboards

Unleash the power of data visualizations and interactive dashboards with OWL’s advanced platform. Transform complex data into clear and compelling visual representations that enable quick and intuitive understanding of trends, patterns, and insights.


Create Custom Views

Customize and personalize visualizations to suit your needs, and easily share actionable insights with stakeholders.

Geospatial Views

Explore and analyze geospatial data with ease using OWL’s intuitive geospatial data query view.

Drilldown & Link Interactions

Drilldown and linking capabilities in OWL allow you to delve deeper into your data by navigating through different levels of detail or connecting related information across datasets.

OWL Intelligence Platform:
AWS Qualified and Accredited

Trust in the expertise and reliability of the OWL Intelligence Platform, recognized as AWS Qualified and Accredited. Completing the rigorous AWS Foundational Technical Review and Well-Architected Review, OWL has demonstrated its seamless integration with Amazon Web Services and other third-party services/platforms with an adherence to industry-leading standards. Benefit from a secure, high-performance solution backed by a strong technical foundation.



Record & Document Management

At its core, the OWL Intelligence Platform allows you to turn any document, of any type, into a searchable database.

No matter how you migrate or import your data into the OWL Intelligence Platform, the following step is to ensure it is free-flowing. This is where OWL’s artificial intelligence and machine learning apps are important.

OWLxtract - Document Extraction

OWLidentify - Facial and Image Recognition

OWLspeech - Speech-To-Text

OWLdiscover - Natural Language Processing

OWLdetect - Fraud & Anomaly Detection

OWLtranslate - Text Translation

Information Sharing & Collaboration

Facilitate seamless information sharing and collaboration with OWL’s powerful platform. With OWL, users can securely share data, reports, and insights with colleagues, stakeholders, and external partners.

Template Builder & Reporting

OWL’s Case and Subject Management module provides a powerful template builder and reporting functionality. Administrators and users can create customizable case templates, ensuring consistency and standardization in case management practices.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

OWL’s Case and Subject Management module includes a comprehensive audit trail that tracks all actions and changes made within a case or subject. This feature ensures transparency, accountability, and data integrity throughout the case management process.


Case & Subject Management

OWL’s Case & Subject Management module revolutionizes data organization. With this powerful tool, users can efficiently organize, analyze, and classify large volumes of data into cases or subjects. Customizable attributes, file attachments, and comprehensive audit logs ensure accuracy and collaboration. Simplify case management, streamline workflows, and generate professional reports effortlessly with OWL’s intuitive Case & Subject Management module.

Create Comprehensive Dossiers

Tag with Custom or Global Attributes

Digital Chain of Custody & Audit Logs

Drag & Drop Template Builder

Compliance & Security: Built for Mission Critical Workloads

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