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Unlock the Full Potential of ALL Your Digital Assets

Data Dashboards That Tell a Story

Data Visualizations & Dashboards

The OWL Intelligence Platform is made to make disparate data accessible, making it easy for users to get insights and drive analytics for actionable intelligence.


Enabling Effective Communication, Greater Control, and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data dashboards that tell a story enable effective communication, greater control over data display, and support data-driven decision-making. By using visualizations to guide users through a narrative that is supported by data, these dashboards make it easier to communicate insights, explore related information, and make informed decisions based on data. Incorporating data dashboards into your organization’s data strategy can enhance data analysis and reporting, driving informed decision-making and better business outcomes.

Data Communication & Collaboration

Story-telling data dashboards simplify complex data and insights. Users can better convey insights to stakeholders and decision-makers by visualizing data.

Provides Greater Control Over Data Display

OWL’s Data dashboards provide investigators full control over data display. Users can delete data, prioritize, or build on a data point to investigate related data.

Supports Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data dashboards help people understand their data by telling a story. Instead of depending on a hunch or inadequate data, these insights can be leveraged to create data-driven decisions.

Introducing OWL's Data Visualization View

A Comprehensive Knowledge Graph to Enhance Data Analysis

OWL's Data Visualization View is a powerful tool for data visualization that displays all relevant data in a specific case or data query, showcasing the relationships and connections between various nodes. Nodes may represent individuals, groups, locations, and other objects such as suspects, witnesses, and victims. By emphasizing the relationships between multiple objects and the overall structure of the graph, this tool provides a comprehensive overview of data that enhances analysis and reporting. Incorporating OWL's Data Visualization View into your data strategy can help you identify key insights and make informed decisions based on a deeper understanding of your data.

Identity Merging for Enhanced Data Accuracy

OWL’s Merge and Pair Algorithm merges many identities into a single node, simplifying data analysis and improving accuracy. This tool helps you focus on subject-specific data by removing duplicate nodes and unnecessary information. OWL’s Merge and Pair Algorithm helps you navigate complex data sets, find crucial insights, and make data-driven decisions. This revolutionary technique can increase data accuracy, save time, and boost business results.

Discover Key Insights with OWL's Data Point Prevalence Scale

OWL’s Data Point Prevalence Scale is a powerful algorithm that helps determine the strength and direction of relationships between various objects. By analyzing the prevalence of data points, this tool can uncover meaningful insights and patterns that might not be visible otherwise. Incorporating OWL’s Data Point Prevalence Scale into your data strategy can enhance your data analysis capabilities, allowing you to make more informed decisions based on a deeper understanding of your data.

OWLgorithms that do the linking for you

Relationship Matrix & Timeline

OWL's algorithms simplify complex relationship analysis. Our Relationship Record View lets you zoom in on relationships between things. Our customizable Record Score lets you assess relationships based on closeness, information credibility, source credibility, and weight/prevalence. OWL's Relationship Record View can help you make better business decisions.

Visualize Your Data Relationships over Time

By selecting date ranges, you can track the evolution of your data and identify key trends and patterns. This tool enables you to display a specific date or a range of dates and their points of intersection. It allows you to comprehensively understand your data relationships and make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Optimize Your Data Analysis with OWL's Tabular Report View

OWL's Tabular Report View is a powerful tool that allows you to retrieve information from stored data or external sources quickly and easily. This tool continuously updates data and returns all relevant information to a single dossier, linking, matching, scoring, and filtering results as needed. By streamlining data analysis and automating repetitive tasks, OWL's Tabular Report View can save time and improve data accuracy, allowing you to make more informed decisions based on a deeper understanding of your data. Incorporating this innovative tool into your data strategy can help you identify key insights and drive better business outcomes.

Visualization Manager

With OWL’s Tabular Report View, you can also access our Data Visualization Manager, a powerful tool that provides deep-dive filtering capabilities regardless of which main view you’re using. This feature, located as a collapsible column on the right-hand side, allows you to further customize your data visualization, identify key trends, and make data-driven decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your data

Streamline Your Data Analysis with OWL's Card View

OWL's Card View is a powerful data visualization tool that presents key information about a subject or entity in a condensed summary view. With a title, image, or icon, and a set of attributes or metrics, users can quickly understand their data's most important characteristics or performance indicators without the need to sift through a larger data set.

Get a Comprehensive Summary of Your Subject in One Place

With OWL’s Card View, streamline your data analysis by quickly accessing a comprehensive summary of your subject in one place, saving you time and improving data accuracy.

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